Δευτέρα, 6 Ιουνίου 2011

The Smoking Gun!

Η καταπληκτική ταινία που αποκαλύπτει πολλά από τα μυστικά
της NASA για την ύπαρξη UFO στο εγγύς διάστημα που
περιβάλλει τον γαλάζιο μας πλανήτη.

Η ταινία είναι στα αγγλικά, δεν έχει ελληνικούς υπότιτλους
ψάχνουμε όμως για μία ολοκληρωμένη έκδοση.
...Νεώτερα σύντομα.

The story:
This documentary is about a Vancouver man and his extraordinary discoveries. Martin Stubbs is a regular joe, cable TV station manager in Vancouver, Canada. Martin utilized his satellite array at the TV station to link to NASA transmissions. He has downloaded every NASA shuttle mission since the early 90's. He has carefully reviewed all of this material, which is thousands of hours of footage. What he found is strange. And amazing. He observed 2 separate phenomena occurring in these tapes. The first: being sphere like UFOs. Not just one or 2, but a large amount of UFO activity. A ton of clips of the UFO incidents recorded by Martin are shown here. This stuff is substantial. No joke, it shows hundreds of UFOs captured on NASA cameras. The tether incident specifically, is simply amazing. You can actually see markings on these things. It might shock you. Also presented is a second phenomena. Completely unexpected and possibly even stranger than the UFOs - watch this documentary for yourself to see what we mean.

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